At Lifestyle Mechanics, we provide a variety of personal training and fitness training services, including fitness testing, conditioning, body building, weight loss, & overall strengthening. Lifestyle Mechanics understands how precious your time is. Julie's personal training programs are designed specifically for your group’s needs and goals. Julie works with the group to create an on-going personalized exercise program that will not only give you tangible results, but will have you loving working out in the process. Together we will set attainable goals and have plans in place to make sure each of you reach those goals. Julie takes pride in his ability to motivate her clients. She also believes in educating her clients on the importance of living a healthy lifestyle, consisting of healthy eating habits, a properly designed cardiovascular training program, as well as resistance and flexibility training programs: each being equally important on your path to success.

Our goal is to educate our clients so they will feel comfortable working out on their own in conjunction with our programs. Nowhere else will you find programs like ours, and nowhere else will you find personal trainers more dedicated to your health and fitness than at Lifestyle Mechanics. If professional, qualified and knowledgeable trainers are what you want - you have come to the right place. 

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